[Solo Exhibition]
Collaboration with Norrtälje konstförening, Norrtälje konsthall and Norrtälje stadsbibliotek
at Lilla k, Norrtälje stadsbibliotek, Norrtälje, Sweden
11 April-5 May, 2012
[sound installation]
"Swimming with my clothes on"
I am reading a book in a language that I don't understand. Some of the words are familiar to me, others are completely alien. I am thinking about my life in Sweden, and how much I have learned so far. Still I don't understand the simplest things. Spring is slowly coming to Saltkråkan. Around me birds are singing, and sunlight breaks the ice. I find myself looking for Tjorven. Maybe, she will come running along this path? Perhaps, her hands will reach out to me - as a welcome, to Sweden. I wonder what she will say? - Hiroko varför badar du alltid med kläderna på? Why do you always do complicate things?