Performance & Presentations with Malin Pettersson Öberg at Konsthall C, Stockholm, Sweden
18:30-21:00 on 25 November, 2014
Hiroko Tsuchimoto and Malin Pettersson Öberg began their collaboration with a joint exhibition and research trip to Japan in 2012. As part of the project they have examined Swedish and Japanese identity and culture. They have looked at properties and characteristics, ideas and beliefs between the two cultures, and explored various approaches to places, national identity, traveling, belonging and translations. The process has resulted in many dialogues but also in individual works and new collaborations.
For the evening at Konsthall C Hiroko Tsuchimoto has developed a new performance, Situations of Kekko, from which the event borrows its title. According to Hiroko, “Kekko” might have multiple meanings in Japanese: ”Depending on context, it can have different meanings, even opposite definitions. Sometimes it means yes, sometimes, no.” The performance will go on continuously from 18.30 accompanied by Japanese snacks from Café Kikusen.
At 19.00 visitors are invited to listen to an excerpt of Malin Pettersson Öberg’s radio program Wrapped Words: Listening to Japan:
which will have been broadcasted earlier during the day, as part of Konsthall C’s program Centrifug Radio Populär. The program starts with a presentation. Later on, a few invited guests – Swedish and Japanese cultural workers with experience of living or working in the two countries – will share their reflections on Fukushima and Swedish/Japanese identity in an open conversation.