[Performance Event]
at Slipvillan, Stockholm, Sweden 
16.00-22.00 on 11 June, 2016 
Osäkerhetsprincipen welcomes to an evening of art!

Anna Kinbom plays the ukulele and sings more than 1000 words
Catti & Jari sing new embarssing love somgs 
Choterina Freer gets ideas from fashion magazines found in the garbage
Dryckesbröderna pay their debts
Filippa Barkman wonders where she is
Henrik Andersson reviels secret agents
Hiroko Tsuchimoto can't be at two places in the same time
Jens Evaldsson is three roman graces
Klister-Peter, Akay & Olabo are embarassed in the kitchen
Lili von Wallenstein & Magdalena Nordin play political theatre
Louise Dahl Lindvall makes personal performance
Malin Pettersson Öberg shows nostalgic video
Rut Karin Zettergren shows juicy video
Ulrika Dahlgren & Rikard Fåhraeus dwell in the wine cellar
Osäkerthetsprincipen is a collaboration between Anna Kinbom, Sonia Hedstrand & Rut Karin Zettergren