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Event at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

18:30-21:00 on December 1, 2016


Performances by Hiroko Tsuchimoto and Malin Pettersson Öberg

Followed by a conversation with Valentina Sansone




Since 2011, Hiroko Tsuchimoto has been researching Tanzanian origins of Kanga (a traditional female garment decorated with Swahili proverbs) and the Japanese second­hand car market in East Africa. For the event at Fylkingen, Tshuchimoto has developed a new performative piece, that deals with the correspondences between Tanzania and Japan. 

After an inquiry that led the artist to Japan two years ago, Malin Pettersson Öberg has returned and traveled through the irradiated zone around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2016. Whilst there, she collected research material and shot film sequences of deserted places, to be presented as a performative adaptation of her video installation Precarious Spaces, Radiant Days (2016). 

18.30 Doors and bar open
19.00 Performance ”INGAWA SI MWEMA NA UBAYA SINA (Although I am not good, I am not bad either)” by Hiroko Tsuchimoto
20.00 Performance “Precarious Spaces, Radiant Days” by Malin Pettersson Öberg
20.30 Conversation with Hiroko Tsuchimoto and Malin Pettersson Öberg, moderated by curator Valentina Sansone


Hiroko Tsuchimoto (*1984, Sapporo, Japan) and Malin Pettersson Öberg (*1979, Falun, Sweden) have been working together since 2011, exploring shared interests relating to cultural and national identity, ethnography and representation. Collaborations between Tsuchimoto and Pettersson Öberg were carried out both in Sweden and Japan: SITE SENSITIVE ACTS at Galleri Mejan, Stockholm (2011), SOMEWHERE ­ NOT HERE at D&Department Project Sapporo by 3KG, Sapporo, JP (2012), SITUATIONS OF KEKKO at Konsthall C, Stockholm (2014), lecture/performance in relation to TRANSLATION THEME PARK, Uppsala konstmuseum, Uppsala (2015), JAPANESE BOOK CIRCLE, Slakthusateljéerna, Stockholm (2015).

Valentina Sansone is a writer and an independent curator of contemporary art based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Palermo, Italy. 

The works presented at Fylkingen have been made possible through support from the Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation, the Fredrika-Bremer Association and IASPIS The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual Artists.

Fylkingen Münchenbryggeriet
Free admission
Only card payment in bar





"INGAWASI MWEMA NA UBAYA SINA (Although I am not good, I am not bad either.)


“INGAWASI MWEMA NA UBAYA SINA (Although I am not good, I am not bad either.)” is a performance piece by Hiroko Tsuchimoto. The title comes from a kanga, a female garment originating in East Africa decorated with Swahili proverbs. Tsuchimoto traveled to Tanzania for the first time in 2011 with a curiosity towards kangas. Walking around the town of Dar es Salaam, she could see many colorful textiles with Swahili prints. To her surprise, she could also see another kind of message. What caught her eyes was the considerable quantity of Japanese characters, such as signs from a local swimming school, a hotel shuttle service, and a 24 hour food delivery written across old cars. As an automobile-producing country - Japan has a vast second hand market. Many of these cars end up in Tanzania, since both countries have left-hand traffic. This experience with displaced messages made her reflect upon the construction of otherness. It also expanded her thoughts into matters of national identity and the global power structure. In this performance Tsuchimoto questions how to relate to unfamiliar cultures, confronting issues of colonial history and binarism of globalization mirroring her own background.


Sound: Daniel Konar


Supported by Ruaha Community Development Gender and Children institute, Open Mind Tanzania, Warm Heart Art Tanzania, Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation and Fredrika-Bremer Association