H I R O K O   


DINNER PARTY! with Hans Christian van Nijkerk and Hiroko Tsuchimoto


Date and Time: Friday 12 January 2018, at 19:00

Place: Conference hall, Nida Art Colony

Dresscode: Comfort Casual / whatever you feel like wearing

RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 11 January

Free admission




Dearest  friends,


You are hereby invited to an international dinner party.

No matter what your background or criminal record is, we -Hans Christian and Hiroko- want you to feel welcome. This will be a non-hierarchical, trigger-free safe zone.

We will be preparing handmade ethical food for everyone. If you have any allergies, please notify us in advance. We will be also serving non-alcoholic drinks. You can bring your own alcohol, but please be mindful that some people might have traumatic experiences related to alcohol. When eating, eat with your mouth closed and do not talk simultaneously. Please be aware that highly sensitive guests cannot handle the sound of chewing.

Please try to include all guests in your conversations, while at the same time show understanding if someone does not want to talk. People on the more introverted scale grow tired of too much socializing. Please be aware of how much you are talking. Listening is equally important.  

To keep you entertained, we will involve all of you in a non-offensive game for the whole family. Fun times!

Feel free to take photos or video clips at the dinner party. You can rest assured that documentation will not be used against you.

You can share this invitation with your close friends, partners or significant others.


Please respond and lighten our hearts!

Always yours,


Hans Christian & Hiroko