H I R O K O   




Performance in Yaoundé, Cameroon

July 23-29, 2018




RAVY (Yaoundé Visual Arts Encounters) is an international festival of visual arts that take place every two years in Cameroon's capital; Yaoundé. For one week, the citizens of Yaoundé are spontaneously invaded by art interventions and public performances. Other artists exhibit their work indoor, in a galleries, museums or cultural spaces. RAVY festival hosts artists from all around the world. Through 05 editions, the festival has already hosted some 75 artists from 25 countries. According to observers of the media scene, RAVY is the event that has best promoted the performance art in Cameroon and over the Central Africa sub-region in recent years. Today the project had established many connections worldwide. The festival is gradually becoming an essential platform for meetings and exchange around visual art in Africa.

2018 will mark the 10th anniversary of the RAVY Biennale Ten years spent tirelessly in the service of contemporary creation, in a strictly voluntary way. With the main ambition to broaden the epistemological vision of this universe often unknown in Cameroon.




Beyond this curatorial "prescription", this edition proposes to question the place of art - and by extension, the culture in all its forms - in the construction of new urban aesthetics and paradigms. transversal view of the upheavals observed in today's societies, social, philosophical, ethnological, etc. within these micro villages where seems to wade the universal contemporary citizen. On this occasion, the festival wishes to give the floor  to the artists, but not just in terms of artwork contributions but we need them to reinterpret this theme in the most intimate and free way.


International artists:
Hugo Gaudet-Dion – installation – Canada
Shannon Cochrane – performance – Canada
Fred Ebami – pop art – France/Cameroon
Nathalie Mba Bikoro – performance – Germany/Gabon
Tomasz Szrama – performance – Finland/Poland
Hiroko Tsuchimoto – performance – Sweden/Japan
Atikin Atikin – installation – France


Local artists (Cameroon)
Manfaust (sculpture)
Christian Etongo (performance)
Salifou Lindou (performance)
Michel Bitimbhe (performance)
Ruth Belinga (performance)
Vhan Dombo (performance)
Yvon Ngassam (photographie)
Gérard Ngan (photographie)
Steve Mvondo (photographie)
Jean David Nkot (Peinture / installation)
Marc Padeu (Peinture)
Béatrice Yougang (Peinture)
Wilfried Mbida (Peinture)
Wilfried Nakeu (peinture / Installation)


Cordinated by:
Serge Olivier Fokoua / artistic director
Landry Mbassi / general curator