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My works are a collection of sociological interpretations of repetition and routines in everyday life - rambling across observation, participation, and intervention. I question social norms, power relations, and influence between individuals and groups, often problematizing the construction of otherness, the matter of expectation, and historical power structures in both local and transnational contexts. I also approach subject matters empirically including topics of the feeling of being out of place, the struggle of becoming, and the state of in-between status. My artistic practices generally involve the audience in social interactions, shared activities, and collective actions, which make them reflect upon different levels of emotional attachment and the sense of belonging. Through physical assignments, dialogues, and group movements, I facilitate a time and space to reconsider the states of (dis)orientation and (un)familiarity. This is accompanied by a will for the emergence of proximity and attachment among people even those who share less in common, which may generate unexpected encounters and odd intimacies. Consequently, I suggest alternative ways of being, relating to people as well as following new paths and finding the intersectional points with different lines.