There is there web08 


There is there.


"The weight, the color, texture and smell in the air penetrated my body. I felt I was an organism on the earth and I recognized that I had the desire to be part of nature."


We humans have our lives separated from uncleanness – abjection, which threatens our borders, positions, rules. Because of the development of the civilization, our lives have become more convenient and comfortable escaping such abjection.


"There is there." questions this human society. Our body is still organic and is made up of daily excretion. We are clearly organisms on the earth.


"Take our uncleanness. Take our contradiction. Take our organic nature."


There is the possibility that we can be part of nature. There is the place, where we have avoided looking, we have forgotten, and now we cannot see, such a world.


Video (6:09)

SU-EN (body) 
Martin Söderblom (camera)
Naoshi Okura (sound)