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I Refuse to take your Brotherly Hand


Your nails are black with dirt, brother
And your palms are clammy with sweat
I refuse to take the hand you extend in help
I shall not join hands with you brother
For unclean hands make me uneasy
For filthy fingernails rob me of my pride
(quoted by HENRY BAROW, I Refuse to take your Brotherly Hand)


Tsuchimoto happened to meet this poem in a bookstore in Dar es salaam.
She interpreted it as the concept of abjection - rejection of what is horrible, but also fascinating.
In this performance she spread red roses, dirt and water on the floor like ritual acts. Under the snowflake machine in special effect studio, she tried to wash the roses covered with dirt using the snowflakes, which are actually made of soap. Step by step, the object to wash was being changed to her own body. In the end the roses and her body got muddy such as a dramatic movie scene.


Performance at CABBAGE MUSIC FOR BENGT AF KLINTBERGArclights Studio, Stockholm, Sweden
(photo by Stina Hedberg)