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For this festival, Tsuchimoto made a durational art work - spending 9 hour on stage. In front of a large number of visitors she performed a series of symbolic pieces, all connected to the private sphere. It was one of her greatest shows ever, involving various kinds of props. None of this was ever seen by the audience though - since the entrance was closed and clearly marked, DO NOT DISTURB.
In this Schrödinger´esque performance Tsuchimoto experiments with the equation of performance art, emphasizing the role of the spectator. The whole artwork took place in the visitors head, imagining a variety of possible outcomes. In the end, the only index was a nicely wrapped present, containing leftovers from the performance, and a sign stating that -THE CAT HAS DISAPPEARED...


Performance at PALS International Performance Art Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
(photo by Denis Romanovski)