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Till The Well Runs Dry


According to Swedish folklore, there is a young man that lives at the bottom of the lake. This trickster like gatekeeper is a master musician and tutor. However, a lesson might cost you your life, since “Näcken” is famous for drowning his students. If you are looking for knowledge, be careful not to get in too deep...

As always, Tsuchimoto´s work includes both humour and a great deal of sadness. As she reaches for a Swedish identity, her hands tickle the core of constructed togetherness. This time she takes her performance one step further, experimenting with North mythology. “Till The Well Runs Dry” explores old forgotten spells, and cultural quirks - manifested from the darkness of the stage.


Three drops of blood, a black animal, some vodka or tobacco. If dropped into the water, you will be taught his magical secret.


Performance at FAKE FINNES WANNABE SWEDES, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
(photo/video by Martin Söderblom)