Hanako is said to be the spirit of a small girl, who disappeared a long time ago. You can summon her by knocking three times on the last toilet stall on the 4rd floor of your high school. She will whisper back, with a child's voice -watashi wa koko ni iru (I am here). There are several versions of this urban legend. Some say that Hanako was bullied into desperation, by her classmates, and that she awaits her revenge through eternity...
The essence of this performance is horror. It is meant to be scary and surreal. Slowly moving across the stage, Tsuchimoto whispered intimately into the ears of everyone in the audience. Projecting the illusive miscommunication of a lonely Japanese ghosts.


Performance at !ALIVE! (organized by Non Grata) at Grace Exhibition Space, New York, USA

(photo by Miao Jiaxin)