Cats Europe03 


The Girl Who Drew Cats (for the future of Europe)


In Japanese folklore there is a tale about a "worthless boy", who one day saved his village. Tsuchimoto uses this story as an allegory, to show the artist’s role in today’s society. In the folktale, a small boy is considered useless for farm work – since all he wants to do is to draw cats. He is sent away to temple school, but spends all his time painting cats on the walls. The boy becomes an outsider... However, one night, when the town is threatened by a big goblin rat – the pictures come to life, protecting the people from evil. 


In this performance, Tsuchimoto asks us to paint the streets full with cats. Dark times are coming to Europe, and elsewhere in the world. Perhaps, one day, our art will conquer monsters. 


Terho Sire (sound)

Performance at DIVERSE UNIVERSE Performance Festival, Mamü Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Performance at ... THEY OPERATE FROM A CERTAIN POSITION, Fylkingen, Stockholm
(video by Martin Söderblom)