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Wind Eye(s) II


For this performance Tsuchimoto referred to her previous performance that she carried out at the same venue in 2014. As she did before, she took the audience out from the art space to an old botanical greenhouse "Palmiarnia Poznańska". In front of the greenhouse she performed the same ritual as the previous iteration, making a circle with objects, yet with vodka bottles instead of candles. She gave a bottle to each person, got down on all fours in the middle of the circle, and asked them to pour the liquid onto her body. She finished the performance with her body covered in Polish vodka.  


Performance at PERFONAUTS – Artists in Residence vol.1 - PALS in Poznań at Perfex, Poznań, Poland: Organized by Fundacja Otwarta Strefa Kultury, Galeria Raczej

(photo by Robert Kujawa)