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I am offering you my labor for free


Tsuchimoto made a social experiment in Olorien, a local neighborhood in Arusha, Tanzania. She held a sign which said “I am offering you my labor for free” in Swahili. In this project she investigated independence of individual and country. By reflecting on the country’s history of Arab slave trade, German and British colonization, foreign aid structures, and Ujamaa socialism with comparison to the current form of capitalism, Tsuchimoto explored how an individual can offer services, and which services they can offer, to another without financial benefit. Although her intention was to offer free labor to “anyone” in the public area, the most prevalent labors available were housework activities conducted by women. While local women were doing dishes and washing clothes by hands without running water, most of the men were chatting and catcalling on streets… Therefore, she primarily helped women. Initially experiencing some failures in executing manual labor, Tsuchimoto was eventually able to develop improved practical techniques that were appreciated by the local women.