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This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to become more aware of modalities of emotion through physical and conversational exercises. We investigate the subjects of individual/group feeling, meta-emotions, emotional performativity, (limits of) empathy and (non-) existence of collective emotions. We also conduct discussions about topics including: identity, sense of belonging, mob mentality, mass-panic, group-based shame, membership guilt, etc. The workshop leader navigates the participants toward creating intimate conversations and collaborations, and carrying out group performances. The aim of the workshop is to facilitate critical observation of the participants own emotions and performativities, and to give them sufficient confidence to present public performances.


Performance workshop at Bag Factory Artists Studios', Johannesburg, South Africa (April 4-6, 2018), The Market Theatre Laboratory, Johannesburg, South Africa (April 17, 2018)

(photo at Bag Factory Artists' Studios by Solomon Moremong, photo at The Market Theatre Laboratory by Rudy Motseatsea)


Final presentation by workshop participants (Bag Factory Artists Studios):

Bongekile Nguza

Myer Taub

Isabella Chydenius

Anthea Pokroy

Bathusi Maqina

Carolyn Massey

Luella Jacobs

Neo Diseko

Khotso Motsoeneng

Althea Nzima

Zeno Jacobs


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