Hiroko Tsuchimoto (JP) is a visual/performance artist, living in Sweden since 2008. She began her career at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and went on to study at Konstfack and Kungl.Konsthögskolan (Royal Institute of Art) in Stockholm. 


Since moving to Europe, she has worked with ethnography as a subject matter. In her art she shifts between grand narratives and every day stories, highlighting the cultural construction of personal identity. She tells stories about otherness and the will to belong, based on her experiences as an Asian immigrant. This position gives her a bird’s eye view on both the European - and Japanese society. Her art deals with subjects such as cultural mapping and borders. She often includes a feminist perspective, problematizing traditional gender roles and Japanese politics. Her goal is to make art that is easy on both critical eyes, and the “disinterested gaze” - creating an aesthetic experience with a deeper meaning underneath.


Her recent works can be described as political, in the sense that they problematize our views and actions. In her performances she investigates the cultural construction of authority, borders and dichotomies. Through pushing and pulling her audience, she divides the visitors according to arbitrary systems, like nationality, fortunetelling or phrenology. The arrangements are carried out in silence, with body- and eye contact as means of communication. This leaves the spectators with a funny, disorienting feeling, bordering on uneasiness.