Hiroko Tsuchimoto

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Hiroko Tsuchimoto is a Japanese-born, Stockholm-based visual artist who facilitates participatory practices on stage, in the public realm, and in in-between spaces. Her practices are accumulations of personal attention to and interpretations of traces and repetitions in everyday life. She interweaves stories of past, present, and future centered around situational and physical contexts and relations with multiple layers of audio-visual language embodying polyphonic imagination. Her projects address the construction of otherness and resist imperial motivations and the inherent dichotomous perspectives inherited from Western culture.

Situating herself in the in-between, the state of becoming, she incorporates dialogues, drawing, walking, and gardening in her practices and expands upon them with collaborators, both human and more-than-human. This is accompanied by a will toward the emergence of proximity and care among participants, which may generate unexpected encounters and radical openness. Correspondingly, she suggests ways of reconfiguring subjectivity and entangling with other beings and consortia of beings as well as visualizing possible futures of coexistence and co-creation.

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