Hiroko Tsuchimoto

projects archive
listening to the blues but never really feeling it (2017)
Performance at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden: Co-production with Sara Sheikhi
Photo: Hironori Tsukue
The Pleasure of Your Company is Requested (2017)
Duo performance with Hans Christian van Nijkerk at Landmark Bergen, Norway: Organized by BLOKK
Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum
Grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else (2017)
Performance at Tehdas Theatre, Turku, Finland: Organized by New Performance Turku
Photo: Julius Töyrylä
minnepiknik (memorial picnic) (2017)
Performance at BETWEEN SKY & SEA at Lofoten, Norway: Organized by Terese Longva & Rita Marhaug (Performance Art Bergen)
Photo: Kobie Nel
A Memoir from California (2017)
Live-streamed performance from Pacific Beach, San Diego at SPRING CLEAN! performance weekend, Marabouparken, Stockholm, Sweden
Duo performance with Hans Christian van Nijkerk at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden: Co-production with NKF, Nordic Art Association & Fylkingen
Photo: Hironori Tsukue
Performance at TO VISIT, RESEARCH AND TRACE: HOW TO REPRESENT INVISIBLE SPACES, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden: Co-organized with Malin Pettersson Öberg and Valentina Sansone
Photo: Hironori Tsukue
A fish out of water (2016)
Performance at FUTU MUHU 2016, Kuressaare Raegallery Culture Centre Hall, Kuressaare, Estonia: Organized by MUHU A.I. Residency
Photo: Merily Leis
The Vernissage (2016)
Performance at BACK TO CHAOS Printmaking IN Festival, The Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia: Organized by Non Grata & Grafikas kamera
Photo: Caroline Sada
One Cannot Be in Two Places At Once (2016)
Performance at TAGEN PÅ BAR GÄRNING, Slipvillan, Stockholm, Sweden:Organized by Osäkerhetsprincipen Still image from video, camera: Martin Söderblom
Welcome! (2016)
Performance at uNder_jOrden sTockholm at Stockholm subway-red line between Östermalmstorg and Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden: Organized by Gustaf Broms
Photo: Trish Littler
(T)here (2015)
Performance at PAO Festival 2015 at Atelier Nord / ANX, Oslo, Norway: Organized by Performance Art Oslo
Photo: Pietro Pellini
Performance at Technobothnia, Vaasa, Finland: Organized by Platform in collaboration with Vaasa Museum of Labour and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
Photo: Panu Sivonen
super-vision (2015)
Performance at PAB OPEN 2015 at Gamle Bergen Kretsfengelsel, Bergen, Norway: Organized by Performance Art Bergen
Photo: Per Åge Mathisen
The Stranger's Always You (2015)
Performance with Leif Holmstrand at Uppsala Art Museum in Uppsala, Sweden, as a part of the exhibition "Translation Theme Park Japanese Comtemporary Art" curated by Leif Holmstrand
Still image from video, camera: Martin Söderblom
Wind Eye(s) (2014)
Performance at PERFEX, Poznań, Poland: Organized by Galeria Raczej
Photo: Sonia Firlej
KAWAII (2014)
Performance at PERFEX, Poznań, Poland: Organized by Galeria Raczej
Photo: Sonia Firlej
Before Today (2014)
PERFO! at Tehdassaaren Luova Keskus, Nokia, Finland: Organized by T.E.H.D.A.S
being03 (2013)
Performance at Moselstrasse 45, Frankfurt, Germany: Curated by Klöfkorn/Lehmann
HA­NA­KO 02 (2013)
Performance at !ALIVE!, Grace Exhibition Space, New York, USA: Organized by Non Grata
Photo: Miao Jiaxin
Sacred Waters (2013)
Performance event at Verkligheten, Umeå, Sweden
Photo: Helena Wikström
FIKA! (2013)
NORRTÄLJE BLUES & ROCK FESTIVAL 2014: Organized by Roslagens Initiative för Kultur
Photo: Martin Söderblom
KI­TSU­NE (2013)
Performance at DIVERSE UNIVERSE Performance Festival; Amagertorv, Copenhagen, Denmark: Organized by Non Grata
Little Water (2013)
Performance at PERF13, Viikkarin Kyläjuhlilla, Pori, Finland: Organized by Non Grata
Root Dreams (2013)
Textile installation collaborated with SU-EN Butoh Comany presented at FESTIVAL: DISPLAY 2013 at Weld, Stockholm, Sweden (curated by Marie Fahlin & Rebecca Chentinell/Koreografiska Konstitutet) and K.R.O.P.P at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala, Sweden (curated by SU-EN)
Photo: Martin Söderblom
HOPP (2013)
(IN THE) COMPANY OF STRANGERS, No°1 at Gallery Detroit Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden: Curated by Gavois/Germain
Still image from video, camera: Martin Söderblom
Hello Kitty (2012-2013)
Performance at DIVERSE UNIVERSE Performance Festival, Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen, Norway
Caressing Taste (2012)
Performance at DIMANCHE ROUGE #20, Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn, Estonia
Photo: Akio Yuguchi
PALS International Performance Art Festival at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
Photo: Denis Romanovski
Swimming with my clothes on (2012)
Sound installation at Lilla K, Norrtälje Public Library, Norrtälje, Sweden: Organized by Norrtälje Konsthall
Photo: Martin Söderblom
Simulation of Mother Earth (2011)
Performance at FLUXEE KLUBIT at Tehdas Teatteri, Turku, Finland: Curated by Aapo Korkeaoja & Leena Kela
YES (2011)
Duo performance with Denis Romanovski at NO BUDGET PERFORMANCE: A STOCKHOLM ODYSSEY, Tensta Träff, Stockholm, Sweden: Curated by Denis Romanovski & Erik Wijkström, in collaboration with Parabola Festival
Duo Performance with Denis Romanovski at PERF11 Performance Festival, Gallery 3h +k, Pori, Finland: Organized by T.E.H.D.A.S
I Refuse to Take Your Brotherly Hand (2011)
CABBAGE MUSIC FOR BENGT AF KLINTBERG, Arclights Studio, Stockholm, Sweden: Curated by Louise Lindvall
Gravity-Eight (2010)
Performance at FRICTION International Performance Art Festival, Västgötaspången, Uppsala, Sweden
Photo: Martin Söderblom
I am a traitor (2010)
Performance at PENTECOST, Sofia Church, Stockholm, Sweden: Curated by Per Hasselberg
Photo: Magnus Johnson
There is there. (2010)
Single-channel HD video installtion 6:09 min: collaboration with SU-EN (body), Naoshi Okura (sound), Martin Söderblom (camera), presented at Degree Exhibition 2010 at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden and ASIAN BODY AND BEYOND at Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm, Sweden: Curated by SU-EN
wear-able (2009)
Single-channel HD video installtion 6:43 min: collaboration with Lotta Melin (performance), Naoshi Okura (sound), Martin Söderblom (camera & editing), presented at STOCKHOLMS MODEVANDRING, Stationhuset, Stockholm, Sweden: Organized by Fashionplay
Photo: Magnus Johnson
blank02 (2009)
Textile installation
Photo: Martin Söderblom
The Dawn (2008)
Textile installation presented at Gallery Monma ANNEX, Sapporo, Japan and Graduation Works Exhibition at AXIS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Photo: Takashi Hamada