Hiroko Tsuchimoto

projects archive

Performance at RAVY Biennale 2018, Yaoundé, Cameroon (July 2018)
Photo/Assistant: Gerard Ngan

Performance at LAGOS Biennial, Lagos, Nigeria (November 2019)
Photo/Video: Anthony Monday Asokere
Assistant: Olufela Omokeko, Kayode Oluwa

In this project, Tsuchimoto experimented with how to intervene in/participate in an unfamiliar culture and make connections with others. Within the framework of the art biennial, she gained access to visit different communities and approached local people with signs inscribed with the message “I AM OFFERING YOU MY LABOR FOR FREE”. Tsuchimoto explored how an individual can offer services, and which services people can offer to another without financial benefit. It was composed of processes of building temporary relations and trust with complete strangers and bringing playful communication in daily life contexts. She also questioned stereotypes of gender, ethnicity, and class in the workplace as well as how the role of artists can affect cultures and society outside the Art World.